Dstv Extraview Installation

This article explains the DStv ExtraView setup which allows you to watch two channels simultaneously from two viewing environments while paying a single subscription. You will need a DStv Explora as a primary decoder, and the other two can be either Single View DStv HD decoders or DStv Explora. – To get the maximum benefit, you need to have two subscribers that are linked together by a panel of two DStv decoders paired with each other. This is what is called a DStv Extraview installation and it allows you to watch two channels on two decoders, whilst paying for one subscription. To get this set up and running, you will need to engage a DStv accredited installer who will link the two subscribers together and connect the Xtraview service. This will allow both subscribers to watch whatever they like, regardless of which decoder they are using, as well as maximize their viewing experience in a two-viewing environment. The key component that makes this setup work is the heartbeat cable which links the primary decoder with the secondary one and ensures that both customers can watch what they want without interruption. In summary, a DStv Extraview installation allows customers to have two viewing environments for one subscription fee by linking two subscribers together with two DStv decoders and an Xtraview service via a heartbeat cable.

Extraview installations generally include two HD decoders, a combination of HD and regular DStv decoders, or two separate DStv decoders. The primary decoder is usually the DStv Explora, while the extra view decoder can be either a DStv HD or a regular DStv subscription. To set up an Extraview installation with an Explora extra view setup, customers need to purchase an additional HD decoder and a Smart LNB as well as pay the Xtraview access fee. The primary decoder will be connected to the Smart LNB and then connected to the secondary view decoders with a heartbeat cable. This will allow customers to watch different channels on each viewing environment using the same subscription. Single view subscribers can also take advantage of this service by purchasing another single view decoder and setting up an extraview installation with it.

An extraview installation allows you to connect up to three HD decoders and 3 HD decoders, so that you can view multiple channels at the same time. The most recent decoder models are usually compatible with extra view installations, but in some cases you may need a specific extra view setup. To connect your extra view cables, you will need to use a smart lnb cable, and connect a heartbeat cable between the primary decoder and secondary decoders. Depending on the model of your HD Decoder or Explora, you may also need to use a switch. A DSTV diagram will help guide you through the setup process.

Extraview installation allows two capable DSTV decoders to be linked together, allowing you to view both the primary and secondary decoders. For the best results, it is important to use newer decoder models that have the same functionalities. The set connections require less wiring than conventional methods, as a communication wire is required between the two linked decoders. This flexible solution allows you to access a secondary decoder with your existing premium DSTV subscription and an additional access fee for the extra view. To install Extraview on your DSTV system, you will need both model and view decoders. Connecting each of these requires setting up connections between them, in order for them to communicate with each other.

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