dstv HD Decoder Installation

Dstv Hd Decoder Installation

This article provides a summary of how to install a DStv decoder. First, you will need to determine your decoder’s signal strength. Then, you will need to connect your decoder to the TV and follow the installation wizard instructions. – DSTV HD Decoder Installation is a process that is simple and will save our customers a lot of time. The decoder comes with Dolby Digital capability, the latest digital capability available today. With the installation wizard, you can install your DSTV in minutes and have access to an array of new features such as HD TV Guide, Day TV, or even pause and rewind live TV. Moreover, with the help of a remote control, you can set up your favorite channels on your decoder quickly.

The first step of dstv decoder process is to have a satellite dish installed and make sure that the cable clip is properly held your cables. Then, you need to connect the decoder with the black cable which should be connected from the dish to your decoder. After connecting all the cables and turning on your decoder, it will show installation wizard option. This option will help you in choosing between radio channels or tv channels. Now it will start scanning for signals, once it has received signal then you can start watching your shows.

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