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Foxsatellites is Dstv Installer in Springs with many years of experience .For all Dstv Repairs ,Dstv Installation , Upgrades & New Installation  foxsatellites is Dstv Installer in Springs with many years of experience .For all Dstv Repairs ,Dstv Installation , Upgrades & New Installation

Our highly trained DSTV Technician are able to provide excellent service , very reliable & professional work . We operate the whole Springs . Provide same day service on Dstv Installation , Dstv Repair . Dish Tec is an established company with 15 years of experience in the industry. They also operate throughout the province of Springs. This company provides excellent service at a highly competitive rate to its customers. In order to ensure that you don’t miss any of your favourite shows, Dish Tec even offers a ‘same day installation’ package!

DSTV Explora Installation Springs

Dstv Explora decoder allows you to view and recorder , you can hire latest movies on box office & show max. Call us to book Dstv Installer

Extra view it allows you to view two different channels at the same time , with recording functionality.

How does extra view work?

Extra view works by linking one or two secondary decoders to a primary decoder. This enables the decoders to share a single subscription. But, you can only link a maximum of two secondary decoders to a primary decoder. The primary decoder sends a heartbeat signal to the secondary decoder every 90 seconds through a communication cable or a smart LNB. If you are living in a building that uses a single dish or a communal system then you might not have access to the smart LNB. In such a case, you can use a DStv smart switch to link your decoders. If the secondary decoder does not receive the heartbeat signal it displays an E143 error message. But what exactly is a primary and secondary decoder?

Primary and Secondary Decoders

The primary decoder is the main decoder that has the subscription. Likewise, the secondary decoder is the decoder that shares a subscription with a primary decoder. So, secondary decoders in an extra view setup can watch the same TV programming that is available to the primary decoder. For example, if a primary decoder has a premium DStv subscription then the secondary decoders will also have access to the DStv premium subscription.

How to install DSTV Extra view?

In order to successfully install your extra view, you need to know basic DStv set up connections. If you are techy then you will find it easy to do the job without any hassles. Otherwise, leave us a message on our contact form and we will send you a Dstv Installer to help you with the set up.

What type of decoders can you use for Xtraview?

You can use all the new and old decoder models from Multichoice for extra view connections. That is all Explora, HD, and SD decoders. However, for the triple view set up, you cannot use HD PVR and SD decoders. As a general rule of thumb, if you want to connect three decoders in an extra view set up then one of the decoders needs to be an Explora. However, there are instances where I have seen three HD decoders connected in an extra view installation.

What type of LNB can you use for Extra view?

If you have the latest decoders (Explora 1, 2, or 3 and HD decoders 5s or 6s) then you can either use a smart LNB or a smart switch for your extra view set up. But, for old decoder models, use a universal twin LNB or a DStv smart switch. Also, make sure that you are using an 80cm dish for the best signal reception.




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